staff, staff, May 17, 2015

Ohio State won its third straight Big Ten title at the 2015 Big Ten Rowing Championships at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.

The Buckeyes, who have won six Big Ten crowns all time, recorded 186 team points, a new championships record, on the strength of six first-place finishes.

The Buckeyes tallied wins in the first varsity eight, first varsity four, second varsity four, first novice eight, third varsity four and second novice eight races.

Michigan followed in second-place with 162 points, while Wisconsin finished third with 140 points.

Complete team results and the All-Big Ten teams can be found below, while complete race results are attached.

1. Ohio State (186)
2. Michigan (162)
3. Wisconsin (140)
4. Indiana (121)
5. Minnesota (88)
6. Iowa (79)
7. Michigan State (58)
8. Rutgers (24)


First Team
Mera Dickensheets, Indiana
Beth Baustian, Iowa
Jessica Eiffert, Michigan
Alexandra Spaulding, Michigan
Sarah Kovacs, Michigan State
Rebecca Braak, Minnesota
Ashley Bauer, Ohio State
Catherine Shields, Ohio State
Holly Norton, Ohio State
Langley Oudemans, Rutgers
Stephanie Malchine, Wisconsin

Second Team
Becca Brougher, Indiana
Alice Wright, Indiana
Cristy Hartman, Iowa
Hannah Sherman, Michigan
Louisa Freeman, Michigan
Lori Comer, Michigan State
Lynn Hodnett, Minnesota
Sarah Davis, Ohio State
Aina Cid Centelles, Ohio State
Katie Dennis, Rutgers
Kristine Kammers, Wisconsin

Lindsey Barber, Indiana
Zoe Ribar, Iowa
Allison Boss, Michigan
Sarah Crosby, Michigan State
Brianna Boileau, Minnesota
Anna Ralph, Ohio State
Katie Dennis, Rutgers
Anne Rauschert, Wisconsin