Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, April 29, 2015

The latest on ?will he stay, will he go?? Braxton Miller saga: Urban Meyer thinks he?ll stay. So, there you go.

On the Dan Patrick Show, Meyer said: "That (talk of Miller leaving) surfaced in January and I asked him and he said, 'Absolutely not.' Obviously, young people or anyone is allowed to change their mind. I have not heard that. I did not ask him, one of our strength coaches did, and he said, 'I don't know where that's coming from.'

"So I would say Braxton is staying, is all indications that I'm getting. I don't go by hearsay. I just talk to the people involved and he seems to be very happy and excited for 2015 as a Buckeye."


Who are the ?safest? NFL draft picks? The gang at has compiled a list on the subject. And Iowa blocker Brandon Scherff is on the list. Hard to argue with his inclusion. He may not be a star-but he won?t be a bust.

Michigan State corner Trae Waynes also is on the list. In addition to being ?safe,? those two just may be ?stars,? too.


Iowa DT Carl Davis feels like he will be a first-round draft choice.

He may be. A 6-5, 320, Davis is built like a Coke machine and can stuff the run. And he can push the pocket, too. But giving a consistent effort is a concern.

"I feel like I'm a first-rounder right now," Davis said. "After the coaches get to meet me and see what type of person I am, I think they have become more confident in the type of football player I am. I'm not just a football player, but I've got a mind. I know what's going on the field.?


Who will be the first Big Ten player off the board for each team in the NFL draft? has the answer.


Videos like this never get old: Watch Penn State?s James Franklin award a scholarship to one of his former walk-ons.

Penn State junior linebacker Von Walker was awarded a scholarship earlier this week after spending his first two seasons with the Nittany Lions as a preferred walk-on. He's played multiple positions while at Penn State and emerged as a key special-teams player who now works as a linebacker.


Jim Harbaugh?s dad, Jack, took to the radio airways recently to say that Michigan is just taking advantage of rules when it comes to satellite camps.

Speaking with WTKA 1050-AM in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, Harbaugh's father, a former Michigan assistant and head coach at Western Michigan and Western Kentucky, offered up his take on the whole deal.

"I think it's interesting, I guess some conferences made the decision they didn't want to be involved in that. They wanted a little time off, maybe, in June to get away from football a little bit," Jack Harbaugh said. "So they allowed the conference to mandate that they weren't going to be involved, while others took advantage of it and all at once they're a little concerned about it and upset about it.

"(Michigan's) taking advantage of the rules, and having an opportunity to take their staff and see other parts of the country and allow other youngsters to see what the University of Michigan is all about."


Remember when Jim Harbaugh recently said he would allow up to two coaches from any school in America to attend his Michigan camps? Well, SEC rules prohibit them from partaking. Life sure is funny.


The Wisconsin staff says it isn?t alarmed by shaky offensive line play in the spring game. But, I am. This is the bellwether unit for this powerful program, the foundation and bedrock of what makes Wisconsin ? Wisconsin. If the line falters, what will become of the always potent rushing attack?

?(The O-line depth) isn?t nearly where we want it to be,? UW coach Paul Chryst said. ?Now, I?ve seen guys that have grown and done some good things, but right now we don?t have the depth that we?d like to have.

?We have guys that I think did a lot of things this spring and learned, and I think they grew. ? I think we?ve just got to learn from what they did this spring and be better.?


I know former Michigan DE Frank Clark has had his issues when it comes to the law with a domestic violence charge last fall that got him booted from the team. Still, I bet he?s picked in the first 3-4 rounds of the draft just because of his ability to rush the passer.

"You go through things in life and you try to learn from them," Clark told MLive this week. "I've been through things in my life I can't take back. And believe me, there are things I wish I could go take back, go back and fix. I wish I could take that stuff back. But I can't know.

"The only thing I can do now is keep working to be better from here into the future."


With Yogi Ferrell back, Indiana?s James Blackmon thinks IU has a ?huge chance to do something great.? And, he?s correct.


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