Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 28, 2015

Penn State's Von Walker received some excellent news Tuesday.

Editor's note: The language in the video above is PG-13.

In a team meeting, James Franklin announced that the walk-on linebacker had earned a scholarship.

"This guy, to me, is the example of everything we do around here," Franklin told his team in the video above.

The room erupted following Franklin's announcement, and the players got up to celebrate with Walker, who broke down the team with a "Family" chant.

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After celebrating with his teammates, Walker made the necessary phone calls, calling his mom, saying, "I got one, I swear to God. I'm serious."

Walker didn't want the camera rolling when he called his father, however.

"You can't film when I call my dad," he said, "because that will be too much."

Walker, who moved from running back to linebacker during 2014 spring practice, made 12 stops (five solo) and registered one tackle-for-loss in 12 games last season.