Sean Merriman, web editor, April 24, 2015

If there was a list of Twitter All-Stars made up of college football coaches, Jim Harbaugh would probably top the list.

College football "satellite camps" have been dominating headlines as of late. There has been some backlash for schools hosting these camps, which allow coaches to travel south and evaluate high school talent in that area. The key cog in the equation is that coaches in the SEC and ACC are forbidden to do this.

Earlier this week, Alabama coach Nick Saban refered to the camps as being ?ridiculous? and they need to be addressed by the NCAA.

So, how did Harbaugh respond to the criticism? By inviting coaches from every college in America to attend Michigan's satellite camp, which he is calling "Exposure U."

Harbaugh posted an invitation letter on his Twitter account, which can be seen at the top of this post.

The Wolverines' head coach concludes the letter with a "save the date" in the bold maize writing and signs off in true Harbaugh fashion.

"Sincerely yours in football, Jim Harbaugh."

This is a thing of beauty. Good work, coach!