Sean Merriman, web editor, April 23, 2015

MSU Athletics

Michigan State's football team showed off updated Nike uniforms on Thursday. The uniforms feature Nike Mach Speed innovation and bronze design details, honoring the ancient Greek Spartan warriors.

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The alternate uniform has bronze and black on the shoulder sleeve and a metallic dark bronze helmet with the green Spartan logo displayed prominently.

The uniform also features subtle bronze highlights throughout the design.

The Greek phrase, "molon labe," is embroidered in the back collar of every jersey. According to the school release, the phrase is to echo King Leonidas?s battle cry to ?come and get them? as the Spartans take the field.

While playing at home, the Spartans will wear green jerseys, with contrasting white nameplates and numbers, with the option of either white or green pants. On the road, MSU will sport white jerseys and pants with green numbers.

Here are the key details of the Nike Mach Speed uniform, according to the school release:

? Durable, heavy-duty stretch-woven panels strategically placed to lock down the shoulder pads across the chest and back.
? New Nike Chainmaille 2.0 mesh fabric, ventilated through laser-cut pods, used to provide strength at the neck grill for lock down fit. The same mesh is employed at the back of the neck, under the arm and in an air channel between the chest panels for increased airflow.
? Laser-perforated mesh panels incorporated into major heat zones within the mid-section of the jersey – at the stomach and lower back – allowing for heat release where athletes need it most.
? The jersey armhole openings are rotated forward for a more articulated fit and better range of motion. An additional stretch gusset has been added below the armhole to enhance flexibility.
? A tailored hem at the back of the knee reduces bulk, while a cuff at the front locks in the pads.
? Perforated mesh fabric behind the knee to keep the athlete cool, augmented by a Nike Chainmaille 2.0 mesh panels at the side of the leg for zoned ventilation.
? At the waist, an updated gripper draw cord locks the pant in place.

How good would the alternate uniforms look under the lights against Oregon on Sept. 12 at Spartan Stadium?

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