staff, April 7, 2015

Everyone watching the national final Monday night saw the CBS replay that showed Duke's Justise Winslow was the last to touch a ball that went out of bounds in the closing minutes.

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Everyone but the refs, that is.

In an interview with Sirius XM satellite radio Tuesday, NCAA supervisor of officials John Adams acknowledged that the refs ruled incorrectly on the play, awarding Duke possession, because they didn't see the definitive angle CBS aired.

?We never saw, on our monitor, what everybody saw at home, if you can believe that," Adams said. "I saw it after they had left the monitor and actually thought about, is it in my prerogative to get up, run over to the table, buzz the buzzer, and tell them to come back and look??

It was a big call, coming with just 1:52 left and Duke leading 63-58. Tyus Jones drained a 3-pointer on the ensuing possession to provide the dagger.