Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 6, 2015

Logan Stieber forever has a place in the proud Big Ten wrestling record books.

The Ohio State senior became the first Big Ten wrestler to win four individual NCAA titles late last month, and just the fourth in the sport to do so.

Even better: Stieber's record came in a special year, one when the Buckeyes won their first national championship. recently caught up with Stieber for a quick Q&A. See it below.

Q: What went through your mind when the referee raised your arm to signify your fourth NCAA title?
Logan Stieber: A feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment for myself and everyone who has ever helped me.

Q: How did your fourth NCAA title compare to the first three?
LS: It was the best one because we won the team title as well.

Q: When do you think it will hit you that you?re the first Big Ten wrestler to win four NCAA crowns?
LS: I'm not sure. Maybe when I'm done competing. Right now I?m enjoying it all.

Q: Follow-up question: Where do you keep all of this hardware?
LS: I give it all to my mom!

Q: What?s the best part of being a member of Ohio State?s first NCAA championship team?
LS: Being the first of anything is special. To be the first team to win a title is unbelievable.

Q: You ended your career on a personal 50-match winning streak. Do you even remember what it?s like to lose?
LS: I lost twice last spring in freestyle events. The losses definitely fuel me.

Q: With a winning streak like that, you must have a pre-match ritual or two, right?
LS: I've gotten rid of most of mine to keep me sane, but I always give two hand slaps to my coaches before my match.

Q: I?ll leave you with a fill-in-the-blank: Fifteen years from now, you?ll remember ________ the most from your time at Ohio State?
LS: How much fun I had and all the friends I made.