LiveBIG Staff, April 4, 2015

[btn-post-package]Grit. Hustle. Ingenuity. Passion. Those are the qualities you find in the heart of a true champion.

The Badgers and Spartans have displayed those characteristics on their journey to the 2015 Final Four - the second-straight year they?ve made deep runs in the NCAA tournament.

But those traits are hardly limited to those respective basketball teams. They?re regularly seen among the student body, faculty and staff, and alumni of both Wisconsin and Michigan State.

When you?re not watching the games today, take a few minutes to read recent examples from BTN LiveBIG of how people from those universities apply talent, dedication and heart to make a positive impact on the world:



Wisconsin student helps Kenyan Women start soccer league

Wisconsin grad starts site for college students with major health problems

Wisconsin ice driller aids groundbreaking research

Wisconsin alum charges toward danger but steers clear of bull

Former Badger prepares kids for college and beyond

Stonewall combating cancer at Wisconsin


Michigan State


Former Spartan swimmer breaks records and beats cancer

Former Michigan State b-ball standout finds second life in autism advocacy

Michigan State retiree takes a hike

Spartans stand shoulder-to-shoulder against cancer 

From fashion to philanthropy, MSU?s Aitch scores big

Marine veteran filmmaker at MSU