Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, March 4, 2015

On Tuesday night's "BTN Live," Glen Mason shared who he thought each Big Ten football team would miss the most in 2015.

Watch the full feature in the video above, and see his answers in the text below.

ILLINOIS: Reilly O'Toole, QB

"You look at Reilly O'Toole, how he hung in there, how he persevered, how he competed, and the victory against Penn State, the victory against Northwestern that enabled them to go to a bowl game, I think that next year Coach Beckman will say, 'You know, I wish Reilly O'Toole was still around here.'"

INDIANA: Tevin Coleman, RB

When you're Indiana and you a running back like Tevin Coleman, I don't know how you replace that guy."

IOWA: Brandon Scherff, OL

"This guy's work in the offseason, in the weight room, is legendary in Iowa City."


"How many programs do you know where the quarterback is the leading passer and the leading rusher on the team?"


"More than anything, he's a tone setter. And with Jim Harbuagh, what I know about him and the type of coach he is, he'd really like to have a Jake Ryan guy to put out in front of everyone and set the tone for the program."


"How many corners can Michigan State realistically have that will be able to play that type of defense?"

MINNESOTA: Maxx Williams, TE

"Minnesota can run the football, they have trouble throwing the football. He was their passing threat, leading receiver."

NEBRASKA: Ameer Abdullah, RB

"All you had to do was watch this guy on type – he was electrifying. I can't believe there are too many Ameer Abdullahs around."

NORTHWESTERN: Ibraheim Campbell, S

"His play is really physical, and Coach Fitzgerald up there is going to say we miss the physical play of that safety."

OHIO STATE: Evan Spencer, WR

"Every time you ever heard Urban Meyer talk about that team last year and Evan Spencer's name came up, it was he;s our MVP. I don't know how you replace leadership like that."


"He played hurt, he played outside linebacker and inside linebacker. His fiery, competitive spirit will be lost on this team."

PURDUE: Landon Feichter, S

"I say that because for them to get better, they got to get better defensively."

RUTGERS: Gary Nova, QB

"The guy's a touchdown throwing machine!""

WISCONSIN: Melvin Gordon, RB

"When you think about Melvin Gordon carrying the ball 343 times for over 2,500 yards, you think about his durability and his ball protection, it's hard to replace.