Sean Merriman, web editor, February 24, 2015

Deeyung Entertainment
Deeyung Entertainment

Alternate uniforms and helmets are one of the biggest fads in sports today. We've seen some plenty of loud, eye-popping uniforms this past season, whether it be Maryland's state flag uniforms by Under Armour, or Illinois' "Ghost" alternates by Nike.

Deeyung Entertainment recently released several concept helmet designs, and the collection includes eight Big Ten teams: Ohio State, Michigan, Maryland and Penn State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Michigan State.

A few of these helmets are pretty sharp looking, but fans of schools that sport traditional designs, such as Michigan and Penn State, might not agree.

Remember, these are concept designs, meaning Big Ten teams won't be wearing them. However, if they did wear something like this, there's no question the lids would be polarizing.

Which design is your favorite?

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