Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 8, 2015

For the second time in three weeks, Fran McCaffery is having to address questions about Iowa big man Adam Woodbury poking an opponent in the eye.

Editor's note: McCaffery addressed the topic again on Monday's weekly teleconference, and his more detailed remarks can be found at the bottom of this post.

In the first half of Sunday's 71-55 win over No. 16 Maryland, Woodbury drew a Flagrant 1 for poking Melo Trimble in the right eye. Trimble, who was driving the lane, immediately dropped the ball and stayed on Maryland's side of the court as play continued. Iowa scored a bucket in transition.

Trimble left the game to get medical attention, before reentering and scoring a game-high 20 points.

On Jan. 20, Woodbury poked both Nigel Hayes and Frank Kaminsky in the eye in an 82-50 blowout loss at Wisconsin. During the game, ESPN commentator Dan Dakich ripped Woodbury, much to the chagrin of McCaffery and Iowa fans.

So, when reporters asked McCaffery about this incident in the postgame press conference, McCaffery wasn't too interested in addressing it. Watch McCaffery's response above.

Here's the full transcript of what he said regarding Woodbury.

And here's the play:

Woodbury, for what it's worth, had a terrific game, scoring 16 points, on 6-of-7 from the field, and grabbing five rebounds.

Here's what McCaffery said on Monday weekly teleconference, courtesy of

?I think it?s a combination of things. He?s not really a shot blocker. He?s always been a good defender in the fact he can move his feet as a 7-1 guy and I?ve been watching this kid since he was a sophomore in high school and he?s always poked the ball, stripped the ball.

?You?re playing a team like Maryland, they?re going to drive the ball. No matter who you play now, they run ball screen stuff. Guys are coming at him. His options are try to take a charge or swipe at the ball. I think the other thing is I know the kid. I know what we teach and I know him. I know his character. I know his background. He does not want this attention. He doesn?t deserve it. It?s not anything malicious, anything intentional.

?I mean think about it. I mean here we are, we?ve got the game firmly in hand. Do you think he wants to stop it, give them two free throws and the ball, get a flagrant foul, be in foul trouble? He?s playing the best of his life. He had 16 points. Do you think he wants to be out of the game with foul trouble? He?s too smart for that.

?All I can tell you is we don?t encourage it, we don?t want him to do it and I think when you have a quick player that?s coming, those kinds of things happen. If I?m not mistaken, I think Trimble said, ?Hey, it was an accidental play.? And remember like I said last night, I mean not one time was there a foul called on the play.

?So if you just watch the game, you wouldn?t even notice until you slow it down and I think if you were deliberately trying to poke somebody in the eye, that?s really hard to do. I don?t think you could do that continuously. I?m 100 percent behind him. I know the kid and quite frankly I think there?s way too much talk about it.?