Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, January 17, 2015

Foul up three in the final seconds, right? That's the strategy many coaches, analysts, talking heads and so many others swear by.

It doesn't always work, and we witnessed that in an exciting sequence at the end of regulation in Purdue's overtime victory at Penn State on Saturday.

Leading by the aforementioned three points, Penn State fouled Jon Octeus with 9.4 seconds left, before Purdue could go to the basket for a quick bucket or set up a 3-pointer.

Octeus missed the first free throw. Game over, many thought. Not the case. Octeus missed the next one, too, and the rebound went to Kendall Stephens, who took a few steps back toward the 3-point line and drained a fadeaway triple to tie the score.

Penn State had one last effort in regulation, but D.J. Newbill missed the potential game-winner. Purdue went on to roll in overtime to improve to 3-2 in Big Ten play.

Here's what Stephens said about the triple.