Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, January 11, 2015

Nebraska forward Shavon Shields had a special guest by his side during Sunday night's postgame press conference.

Avery Harriman, the son of Nebraska assistant Chris Harriman who recently learned his leukemia is still in remission, took the podium with Shields to talk about the team's 53-43 victory over Illinois.

"My favorite play was the players doing great," he said. "They did super awesome on the game tonight. I was so proud of them."

Shields had a favorite play, too, and it involved Avery.

"I was shooting my free throws at the end of the game, and I heard Avery cheering, 'Come on, Shavon!'" Shields said. "That was my favorite."

"Because I was cheering for you," Avery responded.

Harriman also visited the victorious Nebraska locker room.

BTN shared Harriman's great news early in the first half.