Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, January 4, 2015

This is something all Big Ten football fans should be able to enjoy.

Former Ohio State running back Raymont Harris (@raymontharris) tweeted a picture of the shirt above, which he says was marked down 80 percent in New Orleans.

That's just too classic. Not only because Ohio State beat SEC champ Alabama in the national semifinals, but because the rest of the SEC West, the self-proclaimed "toughest" division in the game, went 2-5 in bowl season.

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And it's not like the losses were very SEC-like, as defense was lacking from Alabama (42-35 loss to Ohio State), Auburn (34-31 loss to Wisconsin), LSU (31-28 loss to Notre Dame), Mississippi State (49-34 loss to Georgia Tech) and Ole Miss (42-3 loss to TCU).

To be fair, yes, SEC East champ Missouri and Tennessee did have little trouble beating Minnesota and Iowa, respectively.