Sean Merriman, web editor, January 3, 2015

Baylor kicker Chris Callahan is a topic on social media again, and, yes, it has to do with the brutal hit that he took in Thursday's Cotton Bowl.

This time, Callahan tweeted Michigan State's Tony Lippett, the man who delivered the bone-jarring blow, about the hit that we're still talking about a couple days later.

See their interaction in the tweet above.

This is great class from both players. Well done!

If you missed Lippett's hit, here it is:

Ouch, again! As you can see, Callahan didn?t exactly look like he was ?all there? as he went to the turf, and several people on Twitter posted the video and wondered if Callahan was still alive.

Callahan saw the tweets, and sent out this tweet to update his status.