Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, December 22, 2014

Last month, two-time plane crash survivor Austin Hatch hit a free throw in the waning moments vs. Wayne State to enter the scoring column.

That was an exhibition game, though, meaning Hatch entered Michigan's non-conference finale vs. Coppin State on Monday night with zero career points.

Good news: Hatch hit the middle of three free throws late in Michigan's 72-56 win to officially enter the scoring column.

He also attempted his first career field goal, a missed 3-pointer that his teammates and the fans tried their best to will in.

The fact Hatch has gotten here, to the point that he can get on the court and score, is unbelievable. It was just three years ago, after all, that the second plane crash left Hatch in a coma and forced him to relearn how to do pretty much everything.

You can bet Hatch is enjoying it all. Check out the smile on his face as he prepares to shoot the free throw that he made.

The smile only got bigger after he entered the scoring column and received congratulations from his teammates on the floor.


John Beilein was pretty happy, too.

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