Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, November 26, 2014

Ready for Rivalry Week? Saturday is going to be special, with enticing matchups all across the Big Ten.

The headliner, per usual, is The Game, the annual end-of-the-season battle between bitter rivals Michigan and Ohio State.

Like most meetings in this rivalry, this is a big game. With an Ohio State win, the Buckeyes remain in the playoff race; with a Michigan win, the Wolverines become bowl eligible.

It should be fun – and heated. Just check out the hype video Ohio State coach Urban Meyer posted to Twitter on Tuesday night, four days before his third sampling of the series.

The video title, "OSU vs.  That Team Up North," and the text of his tweet, "The Greatest Rivalry in All of Sports," give you an idea of how Meyer views this game. See below.