staff, November 15, 2014

Yeah, we know Melvin Gordon ran for an NCAA-record 408 yards in Saturday afternoon's 59-24 victory vs. Nebraska.


But, let's have some fun with his record-setting and memorable rushing total.

For example, how many millimeters did he accumulate? How many badgers did he run for? And, how many Melvin Gordon's did he total?

We crunched the numbers, and the results are just as eye-popping as one would expect.

Gordon's 408 yards are equivalent to …

  • 373,075.2 millimeters
  • 37,307.52 centimeters
  • 14,688 inches
  • 2,700 IPhone 6?s (IPhone6 is 5.44 inches long)
  • 1,491.2 Giannis Antetokounmpo's hands (9.85 inches long)
  • 1,224 Subway Footlong subs
  • 972.2 Cheeseheads (A cheesehead is 15 inches)
  • 554.3 College Football Playoff trophies (Trophy is 26.5 inches tall)
  • 414 badgers (adult badgers are 35.4 inches long)
  • 201.2 Melvin Gordons (Gordon is 6-1)
  • 174.9 Frank Kaminskys (Kaminsky is 7-0)
  • 74.2 giraffes (Average giraffe is 16.5-feet tall)
  • 23.1 Semi trucks (average semi truck is 53 feet)
  • 4.31 Wisconsin State Capitol Buildings (Capitol Building is 284-feet tall)

No matter how you look at Gordon's numbers, the effort did nothing but add to Wisconsin's rich running back history, a fact former Wisconsin standout and current Denver Broncos RB Montee Ball tweeted about.