staff, staff, September 24, 2014

Former Minnesota and NFL tight end Ben Utecht was in studio Wednesday for a feature on "Big Ten Football and Beyond." Utecht, who is suffering memory loss and recently wrote a song to his wife and daughters, talked about his health, his role with the American Academy of Neurology, and his message to his family.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

On his health: "At this point, my goal is to do whatever I can to create longevity for my brain health."

On the song: "I just sat there, just before I was boarding the plane, thinking how am I going to write this (letter)? I'd never gone through that process, I'd never worked through that therapeutic process of asking some of those difficult questions."

On musical career highlights: "I sang for two presidents. One of the highlights, probably within the last couple of years, (is) I got asked to go out to Arizona, to a big sports event, and I sang to Muhammad Ali for his 60th birthday."

On working with the American Academy of Neurology: "First and foremost, we have to connect people to the brain experts, which are neurologists. Especially in youth sports, high school, college, we don't get people to the doctors they need to see."