staff, September 2, 2014

If you enjoy watching Big Ten and NCAA volleyball, you will love our new volleyball net cameras posted at net level for every live BTN TV volleyball match. You've likely seen replays from these cameras during our televised events, but now you can watch entire events both live and on demand through this exclusive net-level camera.

How? Make sure you have BTN2Go, our digital extension of BTN that delivers live and on-demand programming to existing BTN subscribers via the web, mobile phone and tablet. It's free to subscribers of participating TV providers. Want to use it on the web? Just go to and follow the instructions to log in. And if you're on the move, download the iPhone and iPad app here and find our Android app over here.

Once you have BTN2Go, go watch these NetCam replays to see how cool the camera angles can be:

On Twitter you can follow @BTNVolleyball for highlights during matches as well as post-match video compilations. And like BTN Volleyball on Facebook for more updates from our BTN volleyball teams.

Here's the 2014-15 Big Ten volleyball TV schedule, and all of these are available at

Date Visiting Team Home Team Time
8/30/2014 Louisville Minnesota 8:00 PM ET
8/31/2014 Stanford Nebraska 1:00 PM ET
9/5/2014 North Carolina Michigan State 7:00 PM ET
9/20/2014 Notre Dame Purdue 8:00 PM ET
9/24/2014 Penn State Wisconsin 7:30 PM ET
9/26/2014 Michigan State Indiana 8:00 PM ET
9/30/2014 Michigan State Michigan 8:00 PM ET
10/1/2014 Minnesota Illinois 7:30 PM ET
10/3/2014 Penn State Nebraska 8:00 PM ET
10/8/2014 Northwestern Penn State 7:30 PM ET
10/10/2014 Nebraska Michigan State 8:00 PM ET
10/11/2014 Northwestern Ohio State TBD
10/15/2014 Wisconsin Minnesota 7:00 PM ET
10/15/2014 Illinois Iowa 9:00 PM ET
10/17/2014 Penn State Purdue 8:00 PM ET
10/21/2014 Rutgers Maryland 8:00 PM ET
10/22/2014 Nebraska Minnesota 7:30 PM ET
10/24/2014 Michigan Penn State 7:00 PM ET
10/25/2014 Purdue Illinois 6:00 PM ET
10/28/2014 Ohio State Penn State 8:00 PM ET
10/29/2014 Wisconsin Purdue 7:30 PM ET
10/31/2014 Wildcard Wildcard 8:00 PM ET
11/1/2014 Wildcard Wildcard 8:30 PM ET
11/5/2014 Purdue Nebraska 7:30 PM ET
11/8/2014 Wildcard Wildcard TBD
11/12/2014 Michigan State Nebraska 7:30 PM ET
11/29/2014 Nebraska Penn State 8:30 PM ET