Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 17, 2014

Bleacher Report had highly touted Michigan freshman Jabrill Peppers offer 10 predictions in a video feature. Peppers rattled off several bold predictions, including that he would have at least three picks and at least one pick-6, saying, "It's kind of hard not to have a pick-6 when you have a nose for the ball."

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However, Peppers worded several of the "predictions" more like they were lofty team goals. For example, his No. 1 prediction: "I always predict big, I always shoot for the stars, so, hey, why not a national championship?"

That's not the same as saying, "We will win the national championship." It's not even close, actually.

Whatever the case, this is a fun feature that gives Big Ten fans a glimpse into Peppers' personality. It's also something that opposing Big Ten players won't soon forget.