Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, May 8, 2014

It?s NFL Draft Day! Get out your favorite team's cap and prepare to drool as you hear about how every team has filled every need. It?s magic, really. Let?s kick off things with this nice round up of what various draft experts have to say about the Ohio State prospects.

Surprisingly, Ohio State hasn?t made a big splash in recent drafts.

Look at this graphic from I can?t explain this. And the story tries to but fails.


Michigan figures to have a modest draft haul. Oh, Taylor Lewan will go high. But not many other Wolverines are likely to get picked. OT Michael Schofield and WR Jeremy Gallon are most likely.


James Franklin certainly isn?t shy in making bold proclamations as chronicled by

"I consider this in-state," Franklin said while in Baltimore on Wednesday morning. Franklin was speaking at his latest stop on Penn State's Coaches Caravan tour. "I consider New Jersey in-state. I know there are other schools around here, but you might as well shut them down."

I wonder how Rutgers and Maryland feel about this. I will say this: It?s gonna be a blast to have a guy like Franklin in the Big Ten.


In case you have forgotten, the four-team playoff starts this season. And the criteria for picking teams is a hotly discussed subject. Michigan State A.D. Mark Hollis says strength of schedule will matter. And, that?s a good thing for fans who like to watch good regular-season games.

?We?re not supposed to contract for any more of the I-AAs (FCS teams) anymore,? Hollis told the Detroit Free Press. ?The Big Ten has taken it to the extreme in basketball and football, and I think that?s good for TV contracts, I think it?s good for level of play and fans.?

Amen. And, thank you.


The Northwestern union movement could take a blow as a congressional hearing takes place today that could advance legislative hurdles that would curtail the cause.


I always enjoy it when a past recruiting class is analyzed. Check out this deep dive into the 2011 Nebraska class.

Ameer Abdullah is in the class, but it hasn?t really lived up to its billing yet. Maybe it all comes together this fall.


Jim Tressel spoke recently at a charity event in Toledo. When asked if he?d ever coach again, he said: ?I happen to be involved in two university?s presidents searches,? Tressel said. ?Right now, that?s foremost on my mind.?

So, there is that.


Looks like Michigan may be in the market for a hoops transfer from West Virginia. Shooting guard Eron Harris is the sorta high-scorer the Wolverines could use. Then again, who couldn?t use a high scorer? Exactly.


I?ll leave you with this: Are some Iowa followers questioning Fran McCaffery?s plan? Recent misses on the recruiting trail coupled with the Hawkeyes? collapse at the end of last season that saw them lose seven of their last eight are fueling the debate on how well McCaffery can recruit.

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