LiveBIG: Share A Solution, April 8, 2014

We are less than two weeks away from the deadline for Big Ten students to submit their stories to BTN LiveBIG Share a Solution. We are seeing so many examples of student journalists sharing the best of their universities, using reporting highlights not just what is being done, but details on how or why the approach is working.

Today, we?re highlighting two solutions from Big Ten communities near the University of Michigan and Northwestern University.

Many of Detroit?s problems will be alleviated by 2065, according to Detroit Future City?s plan. But for Detroit residents, this is not soon enough, a sentiment that Detroit Future City is taking into account. Their unique plan was the result of extensive community engagement, and balances short-term and long-term goals for the city

Amrutha Sivakumar at The Michigan Daily (University of Michigan) shared this story.

Recent events at Northwestern University show a true need for increased mental health services for students. This story shares what is being done to meet this need, including a student run group called NU Listens. This story shares innovative efforts for engaging students about their mental health and details on what it takes to become an accredited organization to do so-a road map that could be helpful to any campus.

Sophia Bollag at The Daily Northwestern (Northwestern University) shared this story.

Check back here for more stories of solutions from across the Big Ten. Big Ten students, submit your own solution story by April 18th for the chance to win the inaugural BTN LiveBIG Solutions Journalism Award.