Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 5, 2014

Evidently, a lot of people did not get the memo that the Final Four was trying an experiment that included three telecasts of each Final Four game. There was the national crew on TBS and "Teamcasts" on TNT and truTV that were geared toward the teams' fanbases. The confusion led to some really entertaining tweets; it even had Charles Barkley saying, "Some of you people are idiots," at halftime. Watch Barkley.

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The confusion is understandable, really. It's a new thing, and with the Final Four being on TBS, not CBS, there's confusion even without these "hometown" telecasts.

Kentucky's home crew of Rob Bromley and Rex Chapman took the idea of being a homer very seriously. And the tweets about their broadcast are too funny not to share.

Here are some of the G-rated ones:

h/t: @PlannedSickDays