staff, March 11, 2014

If you're on Twitter, you can vote in our ongoing series of Big Ten Twitter polls for our weekday TV show #BTNLive weekdays at 6 p.m. ET. On Tuesday's show Mike Hall, Gerry DiNardo, Stanley Jackson, and Gary Williams discuss this question: Are you in favor of an early signing period in college football?

Select your choice below and tweet out your vote. Anytime you use one of those hashtags, you cast a vote. We'll be tabulating the hashtag totals all day and throughout the show. The hashtags are: #BTNYes if your are in favor of the idea, or #BTNNo if you are against the idea.

Also tonight: Gerry DiNardo's Spring Football tour hits Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern and Penn State and we'll have DiNardo's latest impressions. Plus, Gary Williams tells us what Maryland's ACC sendoff was like as the Terps knocked off No. 5 Virginia. Williams will also give us his thoughts on the upcoming Big Ten men's basketball tourney.

Plus answers to your football twitter questions, tweet us @BTNLive.