staff, February 27, 2014

Earlier this week,'s Tom Dienhart wrote about an idea being kicked around where Big Ten football games could be played on Friday nights. Tonight on #BTNLive at 6 p.m. our crew will discuss this very topic, and they're asking you to vote on the idea, too.

The response to the idea on Dienhart's post was strong – you can read the comments at the bottom here. Most of those readers not in favor of the idea didn't want a college game to conflict with high school football, traditionally played on Friday nights.

Tonight's show hosts are Rick Pizzo, Gerry DiNardo, Glen Mason, and Stephen Bardo. Also on the show tonight: Indiana coach Kevin Wilson weighs in on the proposed rule to slow down offenses and he tells us what he expects from his 2014 Hoosier team, especially on defense.

Former Northwestern football player C.J. Bacher joins us to talk about his experiences with the Northwestern football program and why he disagrees with Kain Colter's recent assessments. Also, Bardo tells us the impact of last night's wins by Michigan and Illinois and tonight's road teams – Ohio State and Iowa – could have their hands full.

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