LiveBIG: Share A Solution, February 18, 2014

BTN LiveBIG has been an important part of BTN?s commitment to showcasing and supporting the best of each Big Ten university. BTN LiveBIG just finished its fourth season telling stories of students, staff, faculty, and alumni who are making a difference in the world through innovations in research, education and community service.

This year?s stories included the University of Iowa?s Reach program, giving students, who may never have had college on their radar, the opportunity to attend a university, and Purdue University?s National Entrepreneurship Boot camp for Veterans with Disabilities, helping veteran?s follow their dreams of business ownership.

LiveBIG Share A Solution logoNow, we?re asking students to help tell these stories with BTN LiveBIG Share a Solution.

BTN LiveBIG Share a Solution looks to engage student journalists to investigate and report on how people from their schools are creating credible responses to social problems. It taps into the growing field of solutions journalism, reporting that include examples of what people are doing to solve problems, highlighting not just news of their success, but details on how or why the approach is working.

BTN LiveBIG has included solutions stories from the beginning, and is excited to now make the students of the Big Ten an important part of finding and sharing stories about the impact of Big Ten universities. This spring, across 14 campuses, school media and journalism faculty will introduce BTN LiveBIG Share a Solution to students, giving them the tools they need to create solutions stories.

We will be featuring their stories here, on, and with our Facebook and Twitter communities. And we will reward the best examples of solutions stories from students with the inaugural BTN LiveBIG Solutions Journalism Award, with a panel of notable alumni and esteemed journalists choosing the five best stories submitted.  Check back in May to see our winners and their stories.

If you want to find out more about BTN LiveBIG Share a Solution, check out our student toolkit. If you are a student at a current or future Big Ten University, we hope you will submit stories about the impact of your university. And join us here throughout the spring for the best solutions stories coming out of the Big Ten.