Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 9, 2014

If we've learned one thing from Traevon Jackson during his Wisconsin career, it's that he isn't afraid to take – and make – the big shot. The junior, who has a handful of late game-tying or game-winning shots to his name, added another game-winner in Sunday's 60-58 victory over No. 8 Michigan State. This time, following an Adreian Payne game-tying triple, Jackson answered with a jumper to avoid overtime and a possible fourth straight home loss.

"I put my best defender on him," Tom Izzo said, "and he made another one."

Check out this fan's view of the game-winning shot!


Let's take a look at some of Jackson's other clutch shots, shall we?

To beat Penn State at the buzzer:

To beat the shot clock in the final seconds and defeat Minnesota:

To push Wisconsin to OT vs. Iowa:


This one wasn't huge, by any means, but it's a buzzer-beater: