Sean Merriman, web editor, February 8, 2014

Penn State offensive line coach Herb Hand is set to enter his first season on the Nittany Lions' coaching staff. However, the veteran coach is already making a name for himself among the Penn State fan base, via twitter.

Hand recently posted a photo of his daughter on Twitter wearing a No. 8 Allen Robinson jersey. Shortly after posting the picture, one Penn State fan pulled a bold move, asking Coach Hand if he could have his daughter's number. Hand's response was outstanding as he instantly shot down the request, teaching the young man a valuable lesson about asking any father for his daughter's phone number.

Check out the full conversation here:

Coach Hand sent the follow direct message to the young man, thanking him for being a good sport and for playing along.

Bottom line — Don't ask a football coach for his daughter's phone number. Chances simply aren't in your favor.

Credit Bill DiFilippo of for the find.