staff, January 28, 2014

Did you miss something while you stepped away from your computer? We?re tracking some of the best Big Ten social media happenings and posting them all right here. Check out today?s edition, including a flashback to a memorable dunk from the last time Iowa and Michigan State met on the basketball court.

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Here are Tuesday?s B1G Clicks:

Our take: What will they think of next?!?

Our take: Talk about an interesting giveaway.

Our take: Wow! Can only imagine the Purdue product's reaction to such a question.

Our take: "On Wisconsin," is right!

Our take: Who can ever forget this picture of Street?

Our take: Former Northwestern QB trying to make a big change.

Our take: Here's to him having a better result this year.

Our take: Somebody set up a Michigan State at Alabama game. Right now. Please?

Our take: So, that's where those shirts went.

Our take: We had to share this ridiculous dunk with Iowa and Michigan State meeting tonight.

Our take: What a thrill it must be for the former Gopher, NFL WR, reality show star.

Our take: That's a significant loss for Tim Miles' club.