Tab Bamford, January 20, 2014

Tonight, the premiere of the Ohio State episode of LiveBIG airs after the Buckeyes? men?s basketball team takes on the Cornhuskers at Nebraska.

In one of the features we look deeper into the Zero Waste at Ohio Stadium program. The goal is for the legendary Horseshoe to control waste on game days and other events as much as possible, and it's having remarkable success.

Ohio Stadium is the largest stadium in the country to achieve zero waste (diverting at least 90 percent of waste from a landfill by recycling or composting). The 2013 football season was the best for the program to date, achieving a season diversion rate of 90.5 percent. The program reached its highest diversion rate of 98.5 percent when the Buckeyes hosted Wisconsin.

Since 2010, Ohio Stadium has reduced its landfilled waste from 59.8 tons to only 5.8 tons!

For more information about the efforts at The Ohio State University, be sure to visit its website:

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