staff, January 14, 2014

Did you miss something while you stepped away from your computer? We?re tracking some of the best Big Ten social media happenings and posting them all right here. Check out today?s edition, including a video of Traevon Jackson hitting another big shot.

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Here are Tuesday?s B1G Clicks:

Our take: Ryan Shazier and Taylor Lewan together. Thoughts, Michigan & Ohio State fans?

Our take: No doubt about it, that's Tom Crean.

Our take: Be curious to know how many NFL players rep school like this.

Our take: Prediction: This will be a hot seller.

Our take: Who knew it would become what it is today?

Our take: Don't look at the multiple "2002" shoutouts, Indiana fans!

Our take: Both look like they'd rather be in Rose Bowl weather, too.

Our take: All Traevon does is hit clutch shots.

Our take: This would be big. Very big.

Our take: Those candy stripes are pretty darn great.