staff, November 13, 2013

On Tuesday night's #BTNLive, hosted by Mike Hall, Stanley Jackson and Jon Jansen, former Ohio State quarterback Cornelius Green (once "Greene") talked about his perspective on the 1973 Ohio State-Michigan game, which will be featured in the upcoming BTN Originals documentary "Tiebreaker." Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Aranda and Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri also joined the show. Aranda told Hall who the unsung heroes of the Wisconsin defense are and talked about the challenge the unit faces this weekend against Indiana. Canzeri discussed his breakout performance against Purdue. Listen to all three interviews in this post.

Listen to the #BTNLive interview with Green: 

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Listen to the #BTNLive interview with Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Aranda: 

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Listen to the #BTNLive interview with Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri: