Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, November 7, 2013

The always popular USA Today salary ranking is out for college football coaches, and Alabama?s Nick Saban is on top with a whopping $5.5 million salary in total compensation. That?ll buy a lot of ribs at Dreamland in Tuscaloosa. That?s what winning three national titles in four years will do for your pocketbook. The Big Ten is well-represented with three coaches among the top 10. The top-paid Big Ten boss? Do you have to ask?

It?s Ohio State?s Urban Meyer at $4.6 million, which ranks No. 6 in the nation. Michigan?s Brady Hoke is No. 8 at $4.1, followed by Iowa?s Kirk Ferentz at No. 9 at $3.9.

Here is how the Big Ten ranks:

1. Ohio State?s Urban Meyer, No. 6 overall: $4.608,000 m
2. Michigan?s Brady Hoke, No. 8: $4.154,000
3. Iowa?s Kirk Ferentz, No. 9: $3.98500
4. Penn State?s Bill O?Brien, No. 14: $3.282,779
5. Nebraska?s Bo Pelini, No. 18: $2.975,000
6. Northwestern?s Pat Fitzgerald, No. 41: $2,221,153
7. Purdue?s Darrell Hazell, No. 43: $2,160,833
8. Wisconsin?s Gary Andersen, No. 47: $2,120,823
9. Michigan State?s Mark Dantonio, No. 51: $1,959,744
10. Illinois? Tim Beckman, No. 60: $1,700,000
11. Indiana?s Kevin Wilson, No. 66: $1,291,220
12. Minnesota?s Jerry Kill, No. 67: $1,200,000

It seems Dantonio is underpaid, along with Andersen. These are two of the best in the league and should be in the upper-half of salaries in the Big Ten. And Kill should ask for a raise, considering the work he has done. Otherwise, it's difficult to argue too much with how these salaries stack up against each other.


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