Sean Merriman, web editor, October 31, 2013

Big Ten Basketball Media Day was a chance for the media to be introduced to some of the top players and the coaches around the conference. It was also a chance take in all the sights and sounds around the Big Ten, and there were plenty of good ones.

With that said, here is a rundown of the best moments from Thursday's Big Ten Media Day.

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Best dressed: Shavon Shields, Nebraska

How can you compete with this guy? He wore a black pinstripe suit, a red Nebraska tie, and some in-style "hipster" glasses like you see NBA players wear in their postgame press conferences. If this was a fashion show, Shields would have taken home a first-place ribbon. No questions asked.

Best coach quote: Minnesota coach Richard Pitino on advice he received from his father- "Yeah, I haven't spoken to him since I took the job." (Followed by outburst of laughter)

Best player quote: Michigan forward Glenn Robinson III when asked about his choice to forgo the NBA Draft and return to Michigan for his sophomore season- "I look at it like this– you have to be the man in college before you can be the man in the NBA."

Best name: Melsahn Basabe, Iowa

If you haven't heard of him yet, you will…

Best story: Travis Carroll, Purdue

"Someone tried to write my name on a blog post last year and it somehow got autocorrected to 'Tacos.' Ever since then, the fans have been calling me that. Coaches started calling me it as well. Even when I sign fan autographs, people will ask me to sign it 'Tacos' instead of my actual name, so it's a funny story, and something I just like to have fun with."

Best Interview: Yogi Ferrell, Indiana

On teammate Will Sheehey's leadership qualities: "He's all business. Will's kind of like the bad cop, and I'm kind of like the good cop."

On how many talented freshmen came out of the state of Indiana last year: "That's right. You heard it. We're the best class in the history of recruiting."

On having bragging rights with MSU guard Gary Harris. "I always tell him we beat them. But you already know he's going to come right back at me and say 'wait til' this year."'

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