staff, September 5, 2013

On the opening weekend of college football, Sasquatch made an appearance at a Big Ten home game and took in the sights and sounds of one campus. Watch the clip in this post.

Maybe it's just us, but the big fellow seems to have come a little overdressed for a warm August Saturday in the stands.

Presented by Jack Link's, Sasquatch will be making a handful of appearances at Big Ten stadiums during the 2013 football season. His next appearance at a Big Ten stadium is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 14. Want to guess where he'll show up next?

The candidates for an appearance that day are:

  • Bowling Green at Indiana
  • Akron at Michigan
  • W. Illinois at Minnesota
  • UCLA at Nebraska
  • Youngstown State at Michigan State
  • UCF at Penn State
  • Notre Dame at Purdue
  • W. Michigan at Northwestern

Bookmark this section here for a season's worth of updates on Sasquatch's Big Ten appearances as we roll them out.