staff, August 30, 2013

Did you miss something while you stepped away from your computer? We?re tracking some of the best Big Ten social media happenings and posting them all right here. Check out today?s edition, including a kindergarten class performing the Iowa fight song.

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Here are Friday's B1G Clicks:

Our take: Does it get much better than this?

Our take: That's a lot of history right there.

Our take: Funny that never happened after any of his NCAA record 83 touchdowns.

Our take: Something tells us Adreian Payne would make a great tight end or defensive end.

Our take: It's not every day there's an outdoor hockey game at a stadium as new as TCF.

Our take: Doesn't this make you want to go back in time to Kindergarten class?

Our take: This is REALLY cool. Where does he land?

Our take: Nothing like getting inside access to a postgame victory celebration.