Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, July 24, 2013

The spread offense is all the rage. Just look around. More and more schools are using the scheme-and playing at an up-tempo. Oregon is the standard. But not at Michigan. Nope. It officially is dumping the spread now that Denard Robinson is gone. Truthfully, the Wolverines began a transition to a more pro-style attack in 2012 when Robinson got hurt and Devin Gardner took over for a program whose trademark for years before Rich Rodriguez was hired in 2008 was a conventional scheme.

?I think everyone believes in a philosophy, obviously,? said Michigan coach Brady Hoke. ?We all have our own quirks and beliefs. But I think the physicalness that the game of football needs to be played with, I'm of the feeling that playing physical football, some pro style, and then there will be multiple enough personnel groups that I think that will be big.?

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It all begins with Gardner, who is more adept at the pro style of coordinator Al Borges than Robinson was.

?I think typically when people talk about pro style quarterbacks, a lot of

times they talk about the heights,? said Hoke. ?And they also talk about the running quarterbacks obviously is how they've performed in the gun, read zone, counter, whatever it might be. But I think Devin has a nice dual threat capability, because he probably spins the ball a little tighter. I think his height helps him over the line of scrimmage. So I think those reasons.?

In the end, don?t be shocked if Gardner emerges as the top quarterback in the Big Ten. He's that talented and will have plenty of skill talent around him for a Michigan team that is the pick of many to win the Legends Division.


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