staff, June 8, 2013

The 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft has come to a close. Catch up on all the picks right here. Minnesota left-hander Tom Windle was taken in the second round (No. 56) by the Los Angeles Dodgers to pace all Big Ten eligible players. Watch our feature on Windle and view the Big Ten's drafted players in this post.

2013 MLB Draft selections
Tom Windle (Minnesota) – 2nd round; Los Angeles Dodgers
Michael O'Neill (Michigan) – 3rd round; New York Yankees
Aaron Slegers (Indiana) – 5th round; Minnesota
Luke Farrell (Northwestern) – 6th round; Kansas City
David Garner (Michigan State) – 7th round; Chicago Cubs
Justin Parr (Illinois) – 8th round; Philadelphia
Dustin DeMuth (Indiana) – 8th round; Minnesota
Patrick Biondi (Michigan) – 9th round; New York Mets
Donald Snelten (Minnesota) – 9th round; San Francisco
Brad Goldberg (Ohio State) – 10th round; Chicago White Sox
Jordan Parr (Illinois) – 15th round; Arizona Diamondbacks
Brett McKinney (Ohio State) – 19th round; Pittsburgh
Andrew Waszak (Michigan State) – 22nd round; Atlanta
Andrew Hanse (Iowa) – 22nd round; Tampa Bay
Thomas Lindauer (Illinois) 23rd round; Houston
Kevin Johnson (Illinois) – 24th round; Oakland
Drew Ghelfi (Minnesota) – 25th round; Milwaukee
Chad Christensen (Nebraska) – 25th round; Minnesota
Ryan Halstead (Indiana) – 26th round; Minnesota
Jon Pellant (Ohio State) – 26th round; Los Angeles Angels
Matt Dermody (Iowa) – 28th round; Toronto
Zach Morton (Northwestern) – 32 round; Houston