Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 5, 2013


Iowa's Hawk Truck is used to transporting equipment to away games across the country. Recently, it hit the road filled with beds, food and other everyday supplies. Why? Because Kirk Ferentz and company wanted to lend a helping hand to those affected by the tornadoes in Moore, Okla.

[ VIDEO: Watch SoonerSports.TV's feature on the Iowa trucks at Oklahoma ]

"It's really incredible that the people of Iowa have two truckloads of stuff here for the Oklahoma Food Bank," Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said.

Ferentz called Stoops shortly after the devastating tornadoes struck and told him of his plan to send the supplies down to Oklahoma.

Stoops, a former Hakweyes player and assistant, loved the idea and required his offensive and defensive linemen to meet the truck and unload it.

"To see the Iowa Hawkeyes trucks here, it's pretty special, Stoops said.

h/t: Graham Watson