Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer, April 4, 2013

The USA Today has a nice chart the ranks the salaries of each coach in the NCAA tourney that the publication could obtain information on. Michigan State?s Tom Izzo is No. 4 on the list, making $3.7 million. Compare that to No. 62 (last) on the list: Southern?s Roman Banks, who makes $115,000. That?s soda pop and candy bar money for Duke?s Mike Krzyzewski, who tops the list at $7.2 million per year.

You can see the whole USA Today salary chart right here.

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Louisville?s Rick Pitino ($4.9 million) and Kansas? Bill Self ($4.9) are Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.

The three most overpaid in my opinion? Arizona?s Sean Miller (No. 8 with a $2.5 million deal); Villanova?s Jay Wright (No. 10, $2.3); Oklahoma State?s Travis Ford (No. 11, $2.3). What have they done to deserve that fat wad of cash? In fact, they make more than Syracuse?s Jim Boeheim (No. 17, $1.9) and North Carolina?s Roy Williams (No. 21, $1.8). Go figure.

According to the salary database, here is how the seven Big Ten NCAA coaches break down in the list.

  • No. 4 Tom Izzo, Michigan State: $3.7 million
  • No. 6 Thad Matta, Ohio State: $3.2
  • No. 7 Tom Crean Indiana: $2.9
  • No. 9 Bo Ryan, Wisconsin: $2.4
  • No. 13 Tubby Smith, Minnesota: $2.2
  • No. 18 John Beilein, Michigan: $1.9
  • No. 26 John Groce, Illinois: $1.4

You notice what I notice? You know, how low Michigan?s John Beilein is on this list? I have to think a raise is coming-a substantial raise.

And Tubby Smith was being a paid a lot of money by Minnesota for a guy who ended up 1-3 in the NCAA tourney. Do you really need to pay a coach that much to go 46-62 in the Big Ten? And be an NCAA flop? Just wondering.