staff, April 1, 2013

Are you using Vine to make short videos for your friends and fellow fans? Michigan's basketball team (@umichbball) is, and the folks there used the short video service to send out a video Sunday night that Michigan fans are passing around today. It's the Michigan basketball team arriving home from the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

What is Vine? Vine is an app that records six seconds of video and posts it on an endless loop to your Twitter account. Six seconds? Yes, six seconds. See for yourself how fun even these short videos can be. Vine is becoming popular for a variety of reasons, but sports fans are starting to use the new service more and more. And now you can embed the videos produced through the app – see more on Vine's blog.

Now, remember that BTN Connect is monitoring Twitter for all sorts of school-related tweets and photos. If your'e on Twitter and using Vine, use your school's hash tag to get your tweet into our school sections. In this case, we found this Michigan video because the team used #goblue but you can use any of our school tags on Twitter to send us your Vine video: #Illini, #Hoosiers, #Hawkeyes, #Michigan, #Spartans, #Gophers, #Huskers, #Northwestern, #Buckeyes, #PennState, #Purdue, #Badgers.

BTN Connect is also mapping fan tweets and tracking trends. Here's the Michigan Connect page with links to all of the others, too. Now watch that Vine video below, and we'll keep our eyes out for more, too.

And here's another video from Michigan basketball.