Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 25, 2013

Ryan Evans, a 71 percent free-throw shooter entering the season, is considering making a drastic change to his approach at the charity stripe. It's funny what a surprisingly low and unexpected 40.5 percent clip will make a player consider, huh? In Evans' case, he's toying with the idea of turning free throws into uncontested jump shots.

[ Ryan Evans could try jump shots at foul line ]

During Sunday's practice, in fact, the senior forward practiced taking the ball a step behind the free-throw line and throwing up a jumper.

Hey, whatever helps Evans avoid the all-too common bricks and airballs, right?

"He shot it well that way," Bo Ryan said, according to @BadgerMBB. "He feels it's the best way to make it. Whatever works, as long as he believes it"

Regardless of whether Evans carries it over into a game, it's refreshing to see a player be this proactive and determined to figure out a way to stop costing his team "free" points.

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