staff, February 22, 2013

BTN will air a 30-minute special Black History Month presentation called "Football Pioneers" at 9:30 p.m. ET Friday Hosted by Howard Griffith, the show features interviews with former Northwestern head coach Dennis Green,who was just the second African-American head coach in Division I history. We also talk with Sidney Williams, a former Wisconsin quarterback who was Big Ten's first African-American starting quarterback, and current Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell.

Check our online TV schedule for future re-airing of this show, too. And remember that you can also watch if via BTN2Go.

Be sure to visit the Big Ten Conference's special Black History Month section for more stories and pictures, including these stories below.

 FEB 01: Big Ten Celebrates Black History Month
 FEB 02: The Humble Star – Michigan's Joyce (Wilson) Eder
 FEB 03: The Golden Mentor – Minnesota Football's Darrell Thompson
 FEB 04: Kicking Around All Options – OSU's Cassie Dickerson
 FEB 05-06: Stride For Stride – Iowa Track Star Anthuan Maybank
 FEB 07: Wearing Her PSU Uniform Proudly – PSU Sprinter Shana Cox
 FEB 08: Mr. Hollywood – Wisconsin Hockey Star Chris Nelson
 FEB 09: Also Known As Skeeter – Purdue Softball's Shahara Nixon Byford
 FEB 10: The Incredible Story of Mannie Jackson – Illinois' Globetrotter
 FEB 11: Model of Dedication – MSU's Odessa Smalls-Arthur
 FEB 12-13: The Journeyman – NU Basketball's Billy McKinney
 FEB 14: Driving to be the Best – Indiana's Faith Sherrill
 FEB 15: Always a Buckeye – OSU Wrestler Corey Morrison
 FEB 16: The Triple-Threat – Michigan Pioneer Gene Derricotte
 FEB 17: Coming Up Peaches – Iowa Jumper Peaches Roach
 FEB 18: Seize the Opportunity – Purdue Pass Rusher Rosevelt Colvin
 FEB 19-20: For the Love of the Game – Minnesota's Crystal Flint
 FEB 21: Home Sweet Home – Penn State Football's Bob White
 FEB 22: Sports Are Her Passion – NU Softball Star Ndidi Opia Massay
 FEB 23: Where Credit is Due – Indiana's Quinn Buckner
 FEB 24: The Show-You Moment – Illinois' Celena Mondie-Milner
 FEB 25: The Charitable Champion – MSU Hoop Star Steve Smith
 FEB 26-27: The Dynamic Duo – Wisconsin's Pam Moore
 FEB 28: The Celebration Continues – A Look Ahead…