staff, February 21, 2013

BTN?s new series "BTN LiveBIG" continues Tuesday following the Nebraska at Wisconsin men?s basketball game, with stories about a student-run program that for more than 20 years has provided free health care to patients in need and a local neighborhood book exchange program  that has gone global. The episode will air at midnight ET on Tuesday.

Viewers will get a look at MEDiC, a program run by students of the Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and by professional volunteers from various healthcare backgrounds. Seven MEDiC clinics provide access, resources and care to low-income patients who may not be able to receive care otherwise.  The program allows students to work alongside health professionals while getting hands-on experience. Approximately 80 percent of Wisconsin medical students participate in MEDiC at least once during their time at Wisconsin.

The episode will also include a look at the Little Free Library initiative, a neighborhood book exchange that helps promote literacy throughout local communities.  The program began in Hudson, Wis., where neighbors built wooden containers and placed them in various locations throughout the area. Each container is made to hold up to 20 to 30 books. Everyone is welcome to take a book from the container or put one of their own inside for others to take. The library has now grown into a global initiative, generating support to help build and provide books for villages in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Tuesday?s episode will also feature former Badger lineman Jake Wood, who established Team Rubicon, a relief organization that inspires veterans to continue their service in areas devastated by natural disasters around the world.  Also featured is former Badger guard Devin Harris, who created a free basketball camp to provide children of low-income, at-risk households activities that promote health, wellness and continuing education.