Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, December 23, 2012

During Sunday's Penn State game on BTN, a trio of Penn State coaches, including football's Bill O'Brien, joined the telecast. O'Brien sat down with our crew following the first media timeout. The Big Ten Coach of the Year spent several minutes with us, and even provided his share of analysis. Watch O'Brien break down the action now. Looks like the coach has a career when he's done coaching.

Here's some of O'Brien's analysis:

"And there he is about six feet beyond the arc, and drains a bomb. I think that's a great play."

"I like how the refs are letting these guys play early on here; that's what I like. Banging around a bit."

"He's on fire, he's getting hot. That's good. It all started on the defensive end."

"It started with great defense. You know, he's got quick hands and then he was able to recover. The guy almost stole it back from him, and there he just steps back and hits another bomb. Like Dan (Bonner) was saying, that?s what they have to do – they have to be able to hit these long-range shots, and then maybe track the defense out toward them, and they?ll be able to take advantage inside a little bit.?

On atmosphere at Bryce Jordan Center:

"I just wish there were more people here. I know it's Christmas time, but I think we got to get to a point where we're filling this place."

On why he was at game and not out shopping two days before Christmas:

"Christmas shopping online! And the Patriots aren't on until 1 o'clock."

On what he likes about Penn State team:

"The one thing that I enjoy about watching Pat's teams, starting last year, is how well they play defense. I think they play hard; they understand switching off and the team defensive concepts."

Russ Rose joined the telecast during halftime:

And women's coach Coquese Washington joined us, too: