staff, staff, November 10, 2012

Northwestern's Cameron Dickerson caught a 19-yard touchdown pass in the quarter, and the two teams are tied 14-14 at the end of the second. Michigan broke the 7-7 deadlock when Thomas Rawls ran one yard to paydirt to clinch a 10-play, 37-yard scoring drive. A fumble recovery by the Wolverines set Michigan up to start the drive. The Wolverines threw just two times during that series.

[AP: Michigan starts Devin Gardner for second straight game]

The Wildcats tied the score at 14 apiece after Trevor Siemian and Dickerson hooked up for a 19-yard touchdown to finish off a six-play, 56-yard drive. Northwestern relied on a run play just one time during that march downfield.

The Wildcats are set to receive to start the second half.




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