staff, staff, November 6, 2012

Few things in sports top the reaction to a goal in soccer. From Andres Cantor's iconic call to the players' funny, creative and, at times, embarrassing celebrations, it's plenty of reason to watch. Indiana's Eriq Zavaleta came up with quite the celebration following his goal in Thursday's double-overtime draw with Northwestern. We're not going to spoil the surprise, so go ahead and be delighted by Zavaleta's celebration in this video.

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Got to love it! That's a great use of available props and the execution was pretty good. If you're wondering, yes, this celebration has been done before (see video below).

The bracket for the 2012 Big Ten Men's Soccer Tournament has been released. View the PDF bracket. No. 4 seed Indiana and No. 5 seed Michigan State kick off the festivities at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday at Lakeside Field in Evanston, Ill.