staff, October 23, 2012

We met him as Mon-TEE Ball. He corrected us this summer and said it's Mon-TAY. Now, he's back to Mon-TEE, the pronunciation we used last year when he tied the single-season FBS record for touchdowns (39) and was a Heisman finalist. To be clear, the whole thing is more superstition than anything. After a slow start, Ball is running like the Mon-TEE of old. So coaches and players joke they don't want to see Mon-TAY again. Ball is just playing along.

Here?s what Ball told Fox Sports Wisconsin on the pronunciation of his name:

?The coaches have been calling me Mon-TEE now,? Ball said. ?They said, ?Mon-TAY is done with. We don?t want to see him anymore and it?s back to Mon-TEE.? I?m just going with it now.?

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Also, on "#BTNLive," Ohio State's Ryan Shazier and Penn State's Jordan Hill joined the show.

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