Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, September 11, 2012

Love him or hate him, Michigan State's Mark Dantonio is a favorite among fans who enjoy trick plays. That's everyone, right? Dantonio was up to his bold ways in Michigan State's season opener against Boise State, and while the trick play didn't work, we all appreciated the effort. If history is any indication, Dantonio may call another Saturday against Notre Dame.

After all, two of the most memorable trick plays of the Dantonio era have come against the Irish. There was "Little Giants," the fake field goal in overtime that literally gave Dantonio a heart attack, and there also was the Brian Hoyer fake fumble, TD pass to Kellen Davis in a 2007 win in South Bend.

[ Michigan State's Top 5 Trick Plays]

All those plays included in the link above are fantastic. But will Dantonio call another one Saturday? Better yet, what trick play do Michigan State fans want to see?

Here's what Spartan fans told me on Twitter: